Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Stuff Tuesday

I have redone this fun little vintage vanity with chair. With a blow away price of 45.00 dollars with chair. Sold Sorry

I'm thinking I may have to keep this desk. I have fell in love with it. I may have to sand some some the flaking paint off and wax it down for a more shabby look. It's really calling my name. has 2 ink wells . I hate when things call my name. It really hard not to keep it. I have had a few things that have come in the shop that have called to me. and I didn't keep them. and I still have sleepless nights over them. A lemon dish, a mccoy bowl that I have searched hi and low for to replace it. I really think I'LL HAVE NIGHT MARES IF I DON'T KEEP THIS.

Wardrode Sold.

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